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Scrappy's Pizza located in Dillon, Colorado is proud to bring you the best pizza, pastas, salads, subs and apps in Summit County! Come check out our new groovy spot and make sure you throw on a record on our record player when you dine in! We also provide take-out, sweet delivery service in our Delivery Machine van, online ordering and can cater your special event! 

How Scrappy's Came to be..

Once Upon A Time, there was a young woman and her small dog living on a small sailboat in a quaint mountain town. Their passions were abundant and they were always setting out for exploration by water and land. Naturally being wanderlust, she had the idea of purchasing a built out van that would allow the two to travel across more unfamiliar land. While searching for the perfect van to fit the "van-life" lifestyle, she and her small fury friend, Scrappy, stumbled on what appeared to be their new potential form of exploration. After searching for weeks, the van just happened to be painted as the real life Mystery Machine.  En route to Denver to pick up their travel mobile, the duo quickly found out the van had sadly been sold. Although bummed out that the van was no longer available, the inspiration for Scrappy's Pizza concept was born. When seeing an opportunity arise in the Dillon, CO area to serve on the Scooby Doo principals: pizza, exploration, munchies, beer and good times to be had, the young woman and her dog found their new calling. If you're lucky, you may have the pleasure of meeting Scrappy and Lindsay while delivering you your favorite dishes and pizzas in the signature "Delivery Machine"! 

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